It has been several years since Jackson has seen this kind of widespread damage, but make no mistake, Jackson has seen its fair share of severe weather over the years. Hail storms, wind storms, and deadly tornados are all too common in this part of the state. For many, life will continue as normal; however, some property owners will have the burden of dealing with their insurance company and contractors as the road to recovery begins. 

2016 Jackson Tennessee December Hail Storm!



Insurance Company Engineer Denied Roof Claim

Hail storms in December are not that common; however, on December 28, 2016, Jackson Tennessee and rural areas from Memphis to Nashville were hammered by a surprise hail storm. Hail stones ranging from .50" all the way up to 3.00" in diameter were reported all across Western Tennessee. 

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#1 - I can not see any hail damage from the ground, so I probably do not have any damage.

#2 - Small hail does not cause damage to roofing materials.

#3 - Hail dents in metal roofing are only "Cosmetic" and will not hurt the function of the roof.

#4 - I have no need to rush, because I have plenty of time to make an insurance claim for hail damage.

#5 - My roof is not leaking, so the hail must not have caused any damage.

#6 - I have had insurance with the same company for years, they will tell me the truth about my roof.

#7 - My adjuster said my roof does not have "Enough" damage to warrant a full replacement.

#8 - "The Company's Adjuster" told me that my policy does not pay to "Match" and is only going to "Patch" my roof and siding.

#9 - My contractor knows about insurance claims and will negotiate with the adjuster for me. 

#10 - The company is sending out an engineer to look at my roof, so I will get a unbiased opinion.

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Hail stones come in all different shapes and sizes. The photo above was created by Michael S. Lewis, NOAA, National Weather Service and shows examples of hail sizes ranging from .75" to 5.00" in diameter. Most experts will agree that any hail over 1.00" in diameter can cause damage to roofing materials. Hail less than 1.00" in diameter will usually not damage new or high quality roofing materials; however, the age and condition of the materials will play an important role in its ability to withstand hail impacts and not suffer damage. There is no way to know if hail has damaged roofing materials without a trained professional actually inspecting the roof after any hail event. There are quite of few misconceptions floating around about hail damage and below you will find a list of Myths and Facts about hail damage.


#1 - Hail damage is almost impossible to see from the ground. A rooftop inspection by a trained professional is required to make a proper assessment. 

#2 - Even small hail can damage roofing materials. The density of the hail and age of the roof are very important factors that must be considered.

#3 - Hail dents in metal roofing can cause hairline fractures in the manufacture's coating. These fractures can cause the metal roof to rust and age prematurely. If the roof is dented, it is damaged. 

#4 - Some insurance policies require hail claims to be made within a specific timeframe. All insurance policies require "Prompt" notice of damage or the claim could be denied on a technicality.

#5 - Unless the hail damage is very severe, most roofs do not leak right away. But with enough time, hail damaged roofs will start to leak. Just because the roof is not leaking now doesn't mean it is not damaged.

#6 - There is nothing in an insurance policy that extends coverage because of the amount of time a person has been with the company. Some insurance companies will tell you the truth, but insurance companies are in business to make a profit and it is hard to profit if they are paying for new roofs. Sometimes, the temptation to save money will override the moral requirement to tell the truth.

#7 - First off, unless you hire a Public Insurance Adjuster, there is no such thing as "My Adjuster." The adjuster assigned to the claim is "The Company's Adjuster" and he is there to protect their interests, not yours. Secondly, hail does not fall on only one part of the roof. If it is truly damaged by hail, it likely needs to be completely replaced.

#8 - Unless your policy specifically excludes "Matching," matching of materials is required since Tennessee is a "Matching" state according to case law.

#9 - Many contractors are very knowledgeable with insurance claims; however, Tennessee Code Ann. § 62-6-605 prohibits contractors from negotiating insurance claims unless they hold a valid Public Adjuster License.

#10 - The words "Unbiased" and "Insurance Company hired an Engineer" are words that clearly cannot go well together. Because insurance companies are in business to make a profit, it would not make sense if they hired experts who had opinions that caused the insurance company to pay out money on hail claims. For the simple reason that insurance companies are always looking for ways to save money, its not a surprise that the engineer's they routinely hire never seem to find any damage. If the insurance company tells you they are going to send out an engineer, your claim is almost guaranteed to be wholly or partially denied. An engineer is a red flag that the insurance company is preparing to deny your claim.

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